Update #2

Yesterday was not much of a success, I was working during the nightly free roll and got distracted, did not earn any winnings. I believe I went out close to 18th place.  



Starting chip count: 180

Ending chip count: 180 


Update Day 1

Just finished the BoozeHoundPoker.com free roll and placed in second. I won 180 chips.

I feel like playing more poker but need to practice Bankroll control and stick to free rolls till I hit 500 chips.



Starting chip count: 0

Ending chip count: 180


I currently play poker on http://www.sealswithclubs.eu, I plan to go from 0.0btc to eventually have enough to fund a week long trip to Vegas. 

To build up a bankroll I will be playing the 50 and 140 hour free rolls, the free rolls hosted by http://www.boozehoundpoker.com, and also the Donkdown radio wed free rolls. 

My plan is to build up at least 500 chips(0.5 Btc)  from tourny’s, after I have done that I will play ring games for buy-ins no higher then 1/5th my Bank roll. I will be tracking my progress on this blog, feel free to offer advice/encouragement in the comments.